B.- FIT Enterprises, Inc.
B.- FIT Enterprises, Inc.


B.-FIT Enterprises, Inc


35 Salem Church Rd

Suites 23-26

Newark, DE 19713

Tele: 302-292-1785


1601 Concord Pike

Suite 27

Wilmington, DE

Tele: 302-655-2923


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Our Team

B.-FIT boasts a staff of highly competent and friendly fitness professionals. Check us out:

Marcellus Beasley aka MR. BFIT

Owner & CEO


Marcellus or "Mr. B.-FIT" as he is affectionately called has a true passion for fitness and the role that being healthy has to longevity. His true dedication to health and fitness started with his days as a medic in the United States Air Force. Over 25 years later he still has the passion to do his part for a "fit' America. Mr. B.-FIT believes that fit rolls downhill and it starts with the mind set of wanting to be fit. To see him in action is an amazing thing as he makes clients feel comfortable and at ease while masterfully whipping them into shape. Mr. BFITalso  has physical therapy background, perfect for post surgery rehabilitation (knee replacements, shoulder surgery, back surgery, etc..) With certifications in Older Adult Fitness, Kid and Teen Fitness, Sports Nutrition, and Breast Cancer Awareness, he is a great owner, motivator, confidant and truly deserving of the title MASTER personal trainer.

Abby Robinson

Certified Personal Trainer


Abby is an AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer with certificates in older adult fitness, kid and teen fitness and sports nutrition. She also holds a MS in School Counseling and a Bachlors in Elementary Education. Abby loves to workout but her real passion is educating others on how to integrate health and wellness into their daily lives. What makes her unique as a trainer is her passion for fitness. She enjoys working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions, and goals - from athletes to older adults. Change happens when you change the choices you make.

Carey Kidwell

Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer


Carey's own journey from being unhealthy to healthy, ignited a fire which changed the direction of her life forever. Healthy living has been Carey's personal message since triumphing over obesity and pre-diabetes four years ago. There is an overabundance of information on both exercise and nutrition which can leave people confused instead of guided. Carey can help you create and focus on a plan, overcome everyday barriers, educate on the healthiest food options and help you achieve your goals while enjoying life. Carey is NESTA certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist. She is also a Fitness Anywhere certified TRX Instructor and certified in the Foundations of Strength and Conditioning.

Tara Price

Small Group Personal Trainer, Primary Aerobic Instructor 

& Official Instructor at the MR. BFIT Fitness Retreats


As a certified AAAI/ISMA Small Group Personal Fitness Trainer, Tara utilizes fitness as a platform to inspire people to take their health seriously. As a married mother of 2 children, Tara understands the importance of exercise and eating right as a family. She teaches our very popular Butts & Guts class and has had tremendous success with her clients.