B.- FIT Enterprises, Inc.
B.- FIT Enterprises, Inc.


B.-FIT Enterprises, Inc


35 Salem Church Rd

Suites 23-26

Newark, DE 19713

Tele: 302-292-1785


1601 Concord Pike

Suite 27

Wilmington, DE

Tele: 302-655-2923


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Success Stories

I had always relied on myself when it came to fitness. When I needed to lose weight I would design my own plan from information I gathered in magazines, books, websites, etc. I never considered working with a personal trainer, thinking they were for people who did not know how to create their own plan or for the athlete training for a specific event. That all changed when I met Marcellus Beasley, President and CEO of B.-FIT Enterprises.

I was realizing that I needed to change up my routine since the weight was not coming off as easily as it had in the past. I started working out with Marcellus, aka Mr. BFIT, once a week in my corporate gym with a co-worker and he surprised me with not only guided workouts, but with sharing healthy lifestyle advice.  I always said that I worked out so I could eat what I wanted, but listening to him started to get me to think differently about my overall approach to health. He wasn’t afraid to call me out on my bad habits and the bad advice I had been following. Don’t get me wrong, at times I was stubborn and resisted because I thought I had all the answers, but then I started listening. I added more sessions with him and began to monitor calories in and calories out. So began my journey to “Get fit with Mr. BFIT.


Since March of 2012, I have lost a total of 35 lbs and dropped my body fat from a dangerous 41% to %32, but my success is greater than the numbers on a scale. Marcellus not only helped me to look, feel, eat and sleep better, but has restored my confidence in myself. I believe that I am finally on the path to personal health and to be in the best shape of my life. I encourage you to “Get fit with Mr. BFIT” and he will change your life for the better!


~Alicia R.


"I like the fact that people of all ages come to B.-FIT for their workouts. I'm in my mid-forties, and sometimes people would give me weird looks in other gyms, or I'd just feel a little out of place when everyone else was half my age. Besides, I found all the TVs and bright lights and loud music too distracting. But at B.-FIT, people don't check you out, or try to look cool, or any of that. People come here to work out and have a good time. The atmosphere is great, the facilities are modern and clean, and the folks at B.-FIT are friendly and helpful across the board. Thanks for all you've done, and keep up the good work!"


~Chris C.